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Scope of Work


               In the state of South Carolina, it is required by law that the client purchase all alcohol, separate from our services. Please acknowledge that at no point in time will Chugalug Wagon purchase alcohol on your behalf, nor own the alcohol.




               Chugalug Wagon requires that all alcohol present at an event be served from our bars and by our bartenders. Any guest may bring their own alcohol, but it must be served by a Chugalug TIPS  licensed bartender. If alcohol is consumed at an event that is not served by one of our bartenders,  Chugalug’s liability insurance is waived for that event and the host becomes directly liable  for resulting incidents.  Chugalug will be responsible for ensuring that no underage patrons consume alcohol from the bar. The Bartender will also use his/her discretion to cease serving patrons who are visibly intoxicated, behaving inappropriately, or who are a danger to themselves or others. Chug-a-Lug Wagon enforces a No Shots Policy. Please note: Self-Serve (Drop Packages) are not covered by our Liquor Liability Insurance. It is the responsibility of the host to secure special event coverage, if desired.




                Keg quantities over 6 incur an additional keg handling fee of $35 per keg. For larger gatherings, 6 kegs may not cut it! To keep the drinks flowing all night you may need some backup kegs. We'll scoop them, keep them cold during the event and load them up into the wagon when your other kegs tap out. Please note that on average, groups of 75 or more will most likely incur multiple keg handling fees. Please budget accordingly. 




                Chugalug practices a hard open and a hard close as per contracted beverage service times.  This means that the bar will not serve any alcohol before the contracted start time and will close  promptly at the contracted end time. Please take this into consideration if you'd like members of  your party (ie: groomsmen/ early arriving guests) to be served before the official start time of your  event.     This policy is in place for a number of reasons: venues often require it, it allows us to order and staff  appropriately, and it allows our staff un-interrupted time to efficiently and promptly set-up the bar  without interruption in the limited set-up time allotted so that we can be ready for service at the  contracted time.     Beverage service times are eligible to be adjusted up to 48 hours prior to the event date and must  be adjusted in the contract. Any contract revisions must be digitally accepted by the host/s so that  necessary adjustments can be made by Chugalug for staffing and product ordering/provisions.  It is the host's responsibility to ensure the start and stop times comply with any venue mandated  requirements. 

Additional fees apply for additional hours of Bar Service.




                Unless otherwise contracted, Chugalug Wagon is not responsible for hauling away and disposing of event trash, including but not limited to, bar trash, cups, bottles, cans, etc. If your venue does not have a trash disposal on site, we are happy to remove trash created by our bar services. For this service, a $100 trash haul fee applies. Chugalug Wagon is however, not responsible for hauling any food/catering or general event trash.




                Unless you have booked one of our Non-Alcoholic Packages, Chugalug Wagon does not provide non-alcoholic beverages such as water, sodas, tea, coffee, etc. Any beverages brought on site by Chugalug are for cocktail mixing and consumption only. Table side water needs (aka: water served with dinner) must be contracted either through your caterer or taken care of by yourself. Chugalug will not provide ice, cups or beverage dispensers for a caterer or client's beverage station or be responsible for setting up, tending to or breaking down that station during the event.




                Chugalug Wagon will provide sufficient ice to maintain the needs of all contracted bar services (ie: icing  down kegs, bottled beer, and wine, cocktail/mocktail drinking ice, etc). Unless contracted  separately Chugalug will not bring ice necessary for non-contracted needs, such as nonalcoholic  beverage stations provided by caterer or host, buffet needs, etc.




                Chugalug Wagon requires a flat surface to set up on, as well as sufficient clearance to load and unload with our tow vehicle. Our bars cannot be set up on slanted or uneven surfaces. If your venue is through a gate or entryway, sufficient clearance and a flat surface is required. Examples of non-flat surfaces are sidewalks and curbs without a flat clearance or driveway entry. Additionally, we cannot hop over sidewalk curbs to get to our location or go up or down stairs, even the smallest in size. We require flat clearance or a driveway entrance. 



                We are indeed a mobile bar company meaning, most of our adorable rigs are on wheels. With that being said, once we have place the bar on site and begun set up, we cannot move (unless there's an emergency). Reason being: it takes time to complete our bar set up, tap the kegs and allow the beverages to settle. Moving the wagons will shake the kegs and cause a foamy mess! Please consider our placement in the layout where it will make the the most sense for the entirety of your event. 




                Unless otherwise arranged, Chugalug bartenders are responsible for setup, bar service during contracted times, and breakdown of the bar only. In order to maintain service levels and ensure the bar is always staffed, they will remain with the bar and cannot be expected to perform duties outside of those outlined in the agreement. Chugalug provides two bartenders for 150 guests. If not previously contracted and your group grows larger than 150 guests, additional bartenders are required (one additional bartender per 75 guests). Failure to notify us about an increase in guests will result in significant wait times at the bar, as well as potential to run out of product and mixers.  Chugalug may contact your caterer to confirm guest count in the days prior to your Event.




               Chugalug Wagon offers rain or shine services, however, we require a rain plan to be set in place prior to any contracted event, in case of inclement weather. Chugalug has the right to refuse service on the day of the event if a proper rain plan is not implemented and the safety of our staff and bars are not ensured. Chugalug Wagon bartenders will not serve in the rain or any inclement weather without proper coverage (at least a 20x20 covered space). No refunds shall be granted if we are unable to perform service due to an insufficient rain plan or guests not using our services due to lack of coverage.




                In the event of circumstances beyond our control, if the bar you contracted is not available due to body damage, fabrication delays, mechanical malfunctions etc., a comparable bar will be provided. No refunds shall be granted for the need to exchange a bar from what was originally contracted. 




                If food is being catered/served at your event, all Chugalug staff shall be included in receiving one meal. This includes any bartenders, barbacks and/or servers hired through Chugalug to satisfy your contract. We will confirm the total number of meals needed to be added to your catering count prior to event day.

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