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  • What's your process for booking?
    We've got step by step instructions for our booking process and how we roll. Click here to learn more!
  • Do you only serve from your mobile bars or can you also bartend from a traditional bar?
    While we adore our vintage rigs, we're happy to bartend from any traditional bar station. For example from a built in venue bar or a rented bar from a third party. We also have beautiful wooden satellite bars available for rent.
  • Why is the cost of alcohol not included in your packages?
    In the state of South Carolina, payment for booze must remain separate from our bar services and be purchased directly by the client. Good News: you'll be purchasing alcohol at retail cost with zero markup. Better News: what's purchased is yours to keep and in some cases return for a refund. Best News: We have no fixed menu's (you choose your booze with taste and budget in mind) and there's no guess work on your part. From start to finish, we make ordering and purchasing a breeze. We'll recommend specific quantities for your shindig, coordinate the sale + scoop and deliver booze on the day of your event!
  • I've already booked a bartending service but adore your bars, can we still use you?
    Absolutely! We are often booked as a secondary or auxiliary bar station alongside a traditional bar set up. For example, we could be your fun bubbly bar, local draft beer bar or signature cocktail station. This is especially fun if you're wanting to add a creative element to your bar experience or, simply want to cut down on long wait lines for your guests!
  • What size are your wagons and will they work for my event space?
    Chugster, Chuglette and VW must have a 6ft clearance through any landscaping, gates etc. Blue and Wander Bar require an 8 ft. clearance. The itty bitty tap bikes require a 3.5 ft clearance. Like any vehicle, we cannot climb stairs or jump curbs with any of our bars, no matter how small, so please keep that in mind when planning the layout. Please review the sizes below to see how much room we require for setup, and don’t forget to factor in additional space for our staff and front service bar. If there is any doubt about whether we’ll fit, please send photos/videos or we’ll try to schedule a site visit. Bar sizing: Vee Dub Mini - 10ft L x 55.5in W Hummingbird - 91in L (7.5ft) x 31in W Hawk - 101.5in L (9 ft) x 35in W Chugster - 115in L (9 1/2 ft) x 55.5in W (just over 4 1/2 ft) Chuglette - 118in L (almost 10 ft) x 58.5in W (almost 5 ft) Blue - 224in L (18 1/2 ft) x 85in W (7 ft) Wander Bar - 12.5 ft L x 79.5in W (just over 6 1/2 ft) also 7'7" high Wooden Satellite Bar - 6ft L
  • Am I allowed to make changes to my package or menu once I'm booked?
    Yes, you can make changes to your package up to three months prior to your event. We do not allow any changes after that point, including but not limited to menu changes, glassware additions, bar swaps, etc. Before that point, we'll check in, select your menu if still needed or confirm if previously selected.
  • I've booked your services, yay! Now what?
    Once you're booked, our beverage specialist and operations team will send an email to get things rolling, helping you plan your menu and handling all logistics leading up to your event. About three months prior to the date, we'll reach out again to finalize everything and go over all the little details. Six weeks out we'll start placing your alcohol orders. On the day of your event, we'll scoop and deliver the booze on site! Time to party!
  • Can I sample the signature cocktails?
    At this time our facility is not conducive for cocktail tastings. However, we are happy to send you the recipes to make at home. We'll send you the specs for up to four drinks, along with techniques. Think of it as a fun date night at home!
  • Can I sample your recommended beer and wine?
    Since we cannot legally sell alcohol as a part of our packages, we don’t keep an inventory or offer tastings. Most of our beers and bottled wines can be found and tasted locally. Unfortunately, most of our wines on tap are European and not sold in bottle format for you to buy/taste. We're happy to offer recommendations and send wine descriptions based off of the selections available.
  • What happens if my guest count increases or decreases after booking?
    For groups over 150 we highly recommend a secondary bar. For groups of 200, we require this. The best way to accomplish this is with a simple satellite bar. We don’t like long lines, and neither will your guests. If you think your group has increased, let us know ASAP so we can go over the options! If your group decreases drastically in size, this will not affect our service pricing, but good news – you’ll save money on the booze, as we only order enough to satisfy your final guest count!
  • I'd love to use glassware for my event, can I rent it from you?
    While we do not rent glassware, we're happy to serve from it and agree, it truly elevates a bar experience! Simply place your order from a third party rental company and we'll help with quantity recommendations. Please note for any event using glassware we do require one barback per bar station to keep thing stocked, neat and tidy!
  • Can I provide my own personalized cups?
    We love custom cups! However, we have some specifications we ask you adhere to. In a perfect world, we’d love 9 oz for wine, 10 oz for cocktails and 12 oz for beer, but we’ll settle for 10 oz and 12 oz. We cannot serve in anything larger than 12 oz for a few reasons – 1. We can’’t legally serve anything larger than a 12 oz pour of beer, 5 oz pour of wine and 2 oz pour of liquor and these pours look really silly in a giant big gulp cup – that, and your guests will give us the ole “can’t you fill ‘er up!?” and then we have to repeatedly decline their requests throughout the night.
  • Can your mobile bars move once they are set up?
    I know it seems like they should be easy enough to move. They are after all on wheels! However, unless it's an emergency, we cannot move the bars once they're placed. We arrive on site 1-2 hours prior to service in order to have plenty of time for set up. To break them down, move them, and set them up again would take a substantial amount of time, not only disrupting service but disrupting the kegs...and no one likes foamy booze! Due to this, when making the layout for your event, please consider placing the bar in a central location, easy to access from all areas. If it’s important to you to have the bar in multiple locations, we can explore adding a secondary bar location with a satellite bar.
  • Can we do a champagne toast?
    Absolutely! To serve a champagne toast, we have 2 options: 1. Have your MC announce that if anyone would like bubbles for the upcoming toast to head to the bar and we’ll serve from there. 2. For a more elevated option, we can add a server or two, depending on your group size, to tray pass champagne to the tables. Let us know which you prefer!
  • What do we do if it rains?
    We require a rain plan for all events. Our bar, our staff and your guests need proper coverage for service (at least a 20x20 covered space or tent).
  • If we’ve booked a mobile bar, can we switch to a satellite bar in the event of rain or last minute layout changes?
    We require all bar changes at least 90 days in advance. Everything from the mobile bar is on tap, with a specially designed system that is built into our rigs for draft beer, draft wine and draft cocktails. Basically meaning, we wouldn't be able to just serve your draft items from a satellite bar, and once booze is ordered, we can’t switch to non-draft items. This is why it’s essential to chat with your planner about your layout and rain plan before completing our Final Event Form (90 days out).
  • Do you provide a menu?
    We offer custom calligraphy options that can be added onto any package for a fee, or, we provide a simple framed 8x10 menu free of charge. You’re also welcome to provide this yourselves, with the following specifications: - No smaller than 8x10 (guests in line need to be able to read it!) - No larger than 11x14 (woah, that’s big!) - Have it’s own stand or frame - Have some weight to it so it won’t blow away (aka, not just a piece of paper) - If your package includes signature cocktails, please list the basic ingredients so our bartenders don’t have to answer, “What’s in that one?” all night long, slowing down service for your guests.
  • Why am I being charged keg handling fees?
    The keg handling fees are charged when utilizing more than 6 kegs, which is what fits in the wagon at one time. Reason being, there is a significant amount of additional labor, equipment and ice that is needed for backup kegs. The original 6 kegs easily load into the wagon and are kept cold. Anything over six requires 40 lbs. of ice per keg and a special "keg cooler" to keep them cold until it's time to load them into the wagon. Extra kegs also = extra storage in our warehouse walk-in fridge, plus extra labor on our staff (longer load-in and load-out times).
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