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Woo Hoo! We're 90 days away from your big event!
Events are constantly evolving as time goes by and we want to make sure we've got all the details
squared away now, so it will be smooth sailing from here on out! 

What's your current Guest Count? 

Don't worry, we know this isn't final yet - but this information helps us later down the line!

What's your Timeline?

We know your timeline may have shifted from when you originally booked with us so please let us know the start and end times for service. We will arrive 1-2 hours before this (depending on the size of the event) to begin set up.  Please note we only operate in full hour increments.

**Please keep in mind we only book in full hour increments

Please select any add-on's that you're interested in and we'll send pricing


DELIVERY + SET UP: Please note that most of our bars are transported via trailer and we will need ample room to drop and deliver them. Please check with us on the necessary clearance of the bar you've reserved to ensure we have a suitable pathway to drive/roll from the trailer to our set up site. Our bars cannot jump curbs, sidewalks or be situated on a hill (we need a flat surface to serve so we don't roll away!)  

MOVING ONCE SET UP: Yes, we are indeed a mobile bar company meaning most of our adorable rigs are on wheels. With that being said, once we have placed the bar on site and begun setup, we cannot move (unless there's an emergency). Reason being: It takes time to tap and allow the kegs to settle. Moving the wagons will shake the kegs and cause a foamy mess! Please consider our placement in the layout where it will make the most sense for us to serve for the duration of your event.

BARTENDER RESPONSIBILITIES: Unless otherwise arranged, Chugalug bartenders are responsible for setup, bar service during contracted times, and breakdown of the bar only. In order to maintain service levels and ensure the bar is always staffed, they cannot be expected to perform duties outside of those outlined in the agreement, including clearing trash from tables, serving guests table side, etc. Please make sure you have hired catering staff to do so, or let us know in the notes section if you'd like to add Chugalug Cocktail Servers to help with these tasks. 

VENDOR MEAL POLICY: If food is being catered/served at your event, all Chugalug staff shall be included in receiving one meal. This includes any bartenders, barbacks and/or servers hired through Chugalug to satisfy your contract. We will confirm the total number of meals needed to be added to your catering count prior to event day.

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