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Our Story

Meet the heart behind the Collective: Gabrielle + Theresa, two free spirited entrepreneurs with giant imaginations and even bigger dreams. These two Babes had a mission which steered them down a similar path, so similar in fact that they were at one point each other's biggest competition. Both launching their individual mobile bar companies in 2016, {Theresa: Chug-a-Lug Wagon | Gabby: The Wander Bar} they found themselves vying for their corner of the market in the fast paced Charleston event scene. With humble beginnings, they each started with just one mobile bar, but had their sights set on expansion. While their brands and aesthetics were quite different, their processes and foresight were the same. 

So expand and grow they did, side by side but staying in their own lane.

Over the years, with community over competition in mind, they became great friends, often sharing industry insights and passing off clients to the other when one was already booked. One evening over dinner and cocktails they had a big idea. Why not join forces? Realizing that as one they'd be stronger, and with any challenges or unavoidable bumps in the road they could conquer them together. Why not bundle all of that amazing hard work,

creativity and innovation into one epic collaboration?

So they did...and Chug-a-Lug Wagon, A Wandering Bar Collective was born.

Now, offering the most diverse and expansive mobile bar fleet in the USA, they are excited to continue to truly 'Raise the Bar' and bring impeccable service to the Lowcountry and beyond.

Cheers to taking big risks, trusting the process and the start of something beautiful! 


The Wander Bar {Gabby's First Rig}


The Chuglette {Theresa's First Rig}

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