These Non-alcoholic beverages are the perfect option to have on tap for kids or folks who don't drink. They also just so happen to blend beautifully with liquor making the perfect cocktail. Not sure what to mix with what? That's what we're here for! 

Each Sixtel Keg = 12 ounce pour (55 servings per keg)

$100 - Raspberry Mint Sparkling Fruit Soda

$100.00 - Grapefruit Elderflower Sparkling Fruit Soda

$100.00 - Honey Basil Sparkling Fruit Soda

$100.00 - Ginger Beer Sparkling Soda

$100.00 - This Lil’ Peach Kombucha

$100.00 - Fat Beets Kombucha

$100.00 - The G-Spot Kombucha

$100.00 - Nitro Cold Brew Coffee