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Non-alcoholic Kegs

Each Sixtel Keg = 55 servings per keg (12 ounce pour)

This Lil’ Peach Kombucha

Fat Beets Kombucha

The G-Spot Kombucha

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Ginger Beer Soda

Mocktail Keg



Year Round Crowd Pleasers

Each Sixtel Keg = 75-130 servings per keg (depending on cocktail/pour size)

Choose from our delicious selection of handcrafted cocktails that are

infused and batched into kegs by our team.

Raspberry Mint Mojito

*rum, fresh mint, raspberries, sugar, club soda garnished with a mint sprig

Grapefruit Elderflower Paloma

*tequila, sparkling elderflower craft soda, ruby red grapefruit, garnished with an edible floral-sea salt rim & grapefruit slice

Grapefruit Elderflower Spritz

same as above, but with *vodka!

Moscow Mule (or make it a Kentucky Mule by subbing Bourbon)

*vodka or *bourbon, local craft ginger beer, lime, garnished with a mint sprig {ask about our seasonal fruit infusions}

Spicy Melon Berry Margarita (or sub vodka)

*tequila, watermelon, strawberry, thai basil, cayenne with spiced salt & sugar rim

Seasonal Crafted Cocktail Kegs

While these are seasonal cocktails, no matter the time of year,

if you see something you love below, we'll batch it for you!



Watermelon Spritz

cucumber & mint infused *vodka, fresh watermelon, mint cordial, lemon, *sparkling rosé wine, mint sprig garnish


Spicy Garden Margarita

*tequila, *cointreau, jalapeño, muddled orange & cilantro, fresh lime, chile-spiced sea salt rim and a lime wheel

Tropical Margarita

*Tequila, coconut, pineapple, lime, Agave, sea salt rim, pineapple Leaf


Peach Basil Mule

*vodka or *bourbon, fresh peaches, basil, craft ginger beer, lime


Sparkling Strawberry Sangria

strawberry infused *vodka, *orange liqueur, *prosecco, club soda, topped with fresh berries and sliced citrus



Green Gardens

cathead honeysuckle *vodka, pressed mint, cucumber, lemon, agave, garnished with thinly sliced cucumber and a mint sprig


Lavender French 75

*gin, fresh lemon, lavender *cordial, *prosecco, garnished with lemon and lavender buds


Peach Julep

*bourbon, fresh peaches, mint, sugar, club soda, garnished with a mint sprig


Cucumber Gimlet

*gin, muddled dill & cucumber, fresh lemon, sugar, club soda, garnished with a fresh dill sprig




Apple Cider Bourbon Mule

*bourbon, spiced apple cider, ginger beer, angostura & orange bitters, garnished with cinnamon sugar-dipped orange slices


Charleston Tea Punch

*aged rum, *brandy, *peach brandy, black tea, lemon, sugar, club soda, garnished with a lemon peel


Pomegranate Spritz

*vodka, pomegranate juice, muddled mint, fresh lime, club soda, garnished with mint and pomegranate seeds


Cranberry Margarita

*tequila, *triple sec, cranberry juice, fresh lime, garnished with a sugar rim and lime wheel


Sparking Pear

*pear vodka, *ginger liqueur, rhubarb bitters, pear juice, fresh lemon, *prosecco, garnished with a thyme sprig





Gin Blossom

cucumber infused *gin (or sub *vodka), st. germain elderflower, *aperol, fresh ruby red grapefruit, garnished with a slice of cucumber


Pom Fuego

*tequila, *pomegranate liqueur, cilantro, fresh lime, agave, firewater bitters, cilantro-salt rim, garnished with lime & pom seeds


Blackberry-Thyme Bourbon Smash

*bourbon, muddled blackberries & thyme, lemon, crushed ice, garnished with a thyme 


Gettin' Tiki With It

*coconut rum, *vodka, pineapple, cranberry float, tiki bitters, garnished with a mint sprig


Rosemary Salty Dog

*gin or *vodka, ruby red grapefruit, fresh rosemary, sea salt rim

*All liquor/alcohol must be purchased separately by the client.

We will assist in alcohol quantity recommendations as well as placing orders. 

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