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The Chuglette was our first beloved vehicle that started the journey of Chug-aLug Wagon. A vintage Piaggio Ape {"pee-agh-eo" "ah-pey"} born in a small town in Italy in 1991. In her earlier years, she worked tirelessly as a commercial delivery vehicle for her family.


With speeds that topped off at 35 mph and her compact yet agile frame, she navigated through congested urban streets as well as the rural unpaved countryside. She lived well and was well loved, but worn out to say the least. However, she knew her glory days were far from over. She had so much life left to live and longed to continue to bring joy to people for years to come. 


Upon our first meeting, we could tell she needed some tender love and care but it was love at first sight! Under her tired bones, rusted wheels and chipped paint were stories of her younger days. With that, into the shop she went for a top to bottom tune up and a shiny new coat of pearl white paint! 

Finally the little wagon that believed she could, was ready for her long journey across the sea. She traveled in a shipping container for over 3 weeks from the shores of Italy to the Southern, East coast of America! 

Once safe and sound in our warehouse, the real fun began as we breathed life back into this adored worker bee. The Ape was transformed into the first and most darling Chug-a-Lug Wagon. 

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