Extra Extra...

The Fixin's

A proper bar just isn't complete without all the fixin's! Have a drink station that everyone at your party can enjoy no matter the age or drink preference. Add some Fixin's to any of the above packages to really... "raise the bar"

The Fixin's Include: Ice water station, Sweet + Unsweet tea station, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger-ale, Seltzer water, Lemons, Limes

Bottle Service 

Want to provide a second bar for mixed drinks, wine, beer or all of the above? No matter what booze you’re supplying, we’ll have one of our certified bartenders pour it for you!

Back up Kegs

Think you'll need more than 6 kegs for your event? We've got you covered! For a small fee we can bring up to 12 kegs to your event and keep them ice cold for you until it's time to load them up and serve - now that's a lot of booze!

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