BIRDIE {that something blue}

C I A O   B E L L A! 


I'm Birdie, an adorable Piaggio Ape {aka: pint-sized booze wagon}. Much like my older Sister, Chuglette, I've traveled all the way from Italy and although I may be tiny {just about the size of a golf cart} I've got big dreams and capabilities.

Photo is for color representation only. Our Birdie is still under fabrication. Check back for updated photos!

Inside my small frame, I sport a 6-tap, draft system with the ability to serve kegged brews, wine, cocktails, and non-alcoholic bubbly. Underneath I've got a remastered electric engine, so not only am I environmentally friendly, but I can serve indoors as well as out! I just need a 6ft clearance {standard french doors will do the trick} and I can roll right on in!

I'm currently in the fabrication shop, but by all means - reserve me now! I'm available for events starting in Summer 2020. Stay tuned for updated photos as my journey progresses.